Like putting a 9 volt battery to your tongue

Ok, how may people here have heard of the drink called the "PPC" (Particle Projection Cannon) The drink in its true form is illegal here in Ontario because it contains 4 shots, however it can be had as a single shot.

To describe the taste of the drink, you may recall as a child putting a 9 volt battery to your tongue. If you never have done that then you have led a sad existence and you can only redeem yourself if you go out right now and put a 9 volt battery to your tongue :)

The mixture is as follows:

2 parts Vodka
1 part Sake (Bourbon is a good substitute)
1 part Blue Curacao

Put the alcohol into the glass in that order, in other words Blue Caracao on top.

I did not come up with this drink, I got it from a friend, Dylan which in turn got it from the roll playing game Battletech. Ever since Dylan introduced the shot to me, its been my shot of choice. However today I did some research and it turns out the original version of the PPC as seen in Battletech is this:

Pour in four shots of white lightening aka whiskey that's over 80 proof Then cut it with two shots of one of the following:

Bourbon - House Davion

Tequila - Capellan March (House Davion)

Plum Wine - House Liao

Ouzo (Greek Liquer) - House Marik

Peppermint Schnapps - House Steiner

Sake - House Kurita

--R.E.F. Service Club

(Picture courtesy of the band "Some Girls" fronted by Juliana Hatfield)