Ok, how may people here have heard of the drink called the "PPC" (Particle Projection Cannon) The drink in its true form is illegal here in Ontario because it contains 4 shots, however it can be had as a single shot.

To describe the taste of the drink, you may recall as a child putting a 9 volt battery to your tongue. If you never have done that then you have led a sad existence and you can only redeem yourself if you go out right now and put a 9 volt battery to your tongue :)

The mixture is as follows:

2 parts Vodka
1 part Sake (Bourbon is a good substitute)
1 part Blue Curacao

Put the alcohol into the glass in that order, in other words Blue Caracao on top.

I did not come up with this drink, I got it from a friend, Dylan which in turn got it from the roll playing game Battletech. Ever since Dylan introduced the shot to me, its been my shot of choice. However today I did some research and it turns out the original version of the PPC as seen in Battletech is this:

Pour in four shots of white lightening aka whiskey that's over 80 proof Then cut it with two shots of one of the following:

Bourbon - House Davion

Tequila - Capellan March (House Davion)

Plum Wine - House Liao

Ouzo (Greek Liquer) - House Marik

Peppermint Schnapps - House Steiner

Sake - House Kurita

--R.E.F. Service Club

(Picture courtesy of the band "Some Girls" fronted by Juliana Hatfield)