Now I'm Pissed!

iTMS is still not available in Canada, ok so it may take time for Apple to work out deals with the labels right? WRONG! is out offering music (in WMA format) to us [PC Owning] Canadians. So if puretracks can ink a deal with the major canadian labels, then why can't Apple?

Apple already has a store running, good solid software and a solid library... so what is holding them back?

I have to blame not so much Apple itself, but Apple Canada. What do they do anyways? all orders come in from the states, the is hosted in the states... so what do they do? Educational sales? It sure isn't working on deals for iTMS thats for sure, and not on marketing! Have you seen an Apple billboard in Ontario lately?

Sorry, I have to vent... I want iTMS in Canada, and I want it now!

(If you work for Apple Canada, I'm sorry if some of my remarks have offended you, as an Apple customer I hope you can understand my frustration... please contact me if you wish via email I promise to talk rationally :))