Thoughts before you Vote

I'm not saying that I am voting for the Green Party, but here is more food for thought before you go out and vote. The Green Party of Ontario fully endorses Open Source Software as seen on this link. [I should say that this link is for New York, not Ontario... but there are a few articles that state that the Green Party around the world supports this]

This is important on many fronts. Currently the government spends a ton of money to Microsoft and even Apple to keep the school and government computers up to date, by using free software such as Linux you could greatly reduce this cost, allowing them to spend that money on other areas.

Now this is not to say that you can't write your MPP[You should know who your MPP is later tonight] when the new government is elected to tell them that you think open source software is a good idea, in at least our schools we could make it a reality!

In other Green Party news, the Liberal Party was the only party that did not want the Green Party to be a part of the election debate, both the NDP [see I can say something good about the NDP] and the PC Party both agreed to the Green Party's inclusion during the debate.

Other food for thought, the PC party introduced last year to schools a course called Civics which teaches our young children how to be good citizens, nothing wrong with that I say!

Ever hear the term Strategic Voting? Or people out on the street might be telling you to vote strategically to avoid a majority Liberal government but you don't know what that means? well I looked it up and here is the link to the info that may help.

Again, please vote! Even if its for the NDP ;)