Moving, Birthday and other stuff

Well on Sept 29th, It was my 27th birthday! Yay me :) It was pretty good despite all the boxes in the condo and being 1 day away from the big moving day... I got quite a few neat new toys to play with once I'm settled into the new place such as a pasta maker, 2 new xbox games (KoTOR, and SoulBlade 2) and some clothes. Shannon and I went out for Sushi and then Underworld which ended up having a lot more story than I thought, in short it was good!

The move went well, it took most of the day to move out of the tiny 600 square foot condo, and only a few hours to move into our new house in Oakville. The day didn't start out well I should add, Budget didn't have a truck ready for us when we booked it, so we had to drive down the Brampton to get one ('we did get a good discount for our troubles, kudos to Budget) and we had to drive to Weston road to get our keys -- during rush hour no less, o'well what can you do?

We have quite a few things left to unpack, once that is done we can settle in a bit and relax.

I should note, Tanner was great during the move and didn't cause much trouble or get in the way. Although now he darts from box to box ripping up tissue paper -- Official puppy training starts on Sunday :)