Something odd running on my machine...

I woke up this morning and my system was running a little sluggish, turns out that this:

root 25226 0.0 0.3 14444 988 ?? SNs 7:22AM 0:00.22 /usr/libexec/fix_prebinding

is taking up valuable system resources. I know what prebindings are in terms of OSX, but why is fix_prebindings being run? and why have I not noticed it until now?

any thoughts? 'cuz I'm at a loss on this one.


Sometimes typing "man fix_prebinding" is all the help you need


fix_prebinding is a daemon for correcting out-of-date prebinding hints in

binaries. fix_prebinding is launched on demand by mach_init in response

to messages from dyld that an application could not be launched correctly

prebound. fix_prebinding examines each binary and library for correct

prebinding hints; if any are found to be out of date, the hints are

updated and the file is changed.

These hints are used by the dynamic loader to launch processes prebound,

eliminating the need to look up dynamically linked symbols. If these

hints are out-of-date, the dynamic linker instead must lookup referenced

symbols. As a result, the application may launch from 10-30% slower.

fix_prebinding is primarily intended for applications not installed via

Apple's Installer. Files that are installed via drag-and-drop would have

incorrect prebinding hints for the current system, so fix_prebinding

instead can touch the binaries up on first or second launch. Future

launches will be faster because of the correct hints. Only binaries on

the current root volume will be re-prebound. Mach-O binaries installed

via the Installer would be touched up during the "Optimizing System Per-

formance" phase of installation, and would normally not cause fix_pre-

binding to be invoked.

If update_prebinding is running, fix_prebinding will ignore any re-pre-

binding notifications.