Club Hacienda

Well we arrived in the Dominican republic on Saturday afternoon. The flight was alright, a little bumpy but we arrived early, which was good. The resort is really really nice. The beach is beautiful and there are a lot of pools and restaurants so you never get tired of the same old thing. So far we have done very little other than sit on the beach or by the pool. Yesterday we gave windsurfing a try and despite what Ray says (before having actually tried it!), the board is not very stable. I got up and was moving once in the whole hour that we had the board. It was fun regardless. Today we gave kayaking a try. Tonight we are looking forward to going out to dinner at the Mexican restaurant. Since the buffets here are actually really good, we are expecting an excellent meal at the a la carte restaurant. Tomorrow we are heading out for a tour. It is a combination of a jeep tour and horse back riding tour. We decided not to do anything too big so we chose a tour that just goes around the local countryside rather than going out to Puerto Plata or Santo Domingo, which are quite far from our hotel.

Here are a few reasons why I am really liking this resort so far:

1. Incredibly clean!
2. Employees are very friendly
3. A million activities during the day
4. Crystal blue water
5. Mountains in the distance
6. Lots of trees (so far I'm not burnt!)
7. Nice room with pretty flowers
8. Good food
9. Excellent night life
10. It does not involve work!