Day 3, 4 and and 5

I dont have much time (13min) to write this... so Ill be quick.

Our mexican dinner was great, and had lots of fun. It was not too spicy(we had to add tobasco sauce to it) so those that are sensitive to spicy food should be ok. As I have said many times so far this trip the food has been great.

Yesterday we went on a horseback ridding trip that was a lot of fun. We got to tour around and see some great country side. My only gripe about it was that we did not get to hear a lot about the history of the island that much.

Today as all about the relaxation! We did not even do any water sports today. Maybe tomorrow we will try our hand at sailing and scuba diving (in a pool) but who knows.

Tonight we plan on watching the show and maybe going to the club. We also went to the itallian place which was also good, more eligant than fun which was a good change of pace.