Day 2 and 3

Its almost dinner time, we have a reservation booked for the mexican place at 8 30. Looking forward to it!

Yesterday, Shannon and I did a bit of wind surfing and read our books while sitting on the beach. It was a good start to our week here. I was forced to dance on stage during the night show. Not sure if I will release the embarasing pictures... Shannon probably will force me to. Afterwords we went to the Club since we were to tired the day before, and had a great time... tonight is suppose to be a 70s/80s night.

Today, as I said we are eating mexican food which should be good. We also did some sea kayaking which was good exercise. More reading (Almost done my book), and swimming in the ocean and the many pools that are here.

As for tomorrow, we have booked a Horseback tour which should be a lot of fun, we will be taken around the country side on jeep, then horseback then get a nice lunch(I hope)

I have 8 min more left for today of internet access, not sure what else to say other than so far so good! this resort(being the 3rd Ive been too) is by far the best, I highly recomend it.