Watson :'(


RIP Watson


As some of you may or may not beaware of, one of our dogs Watson got very sick about 6 days ago and was not eating and we got very worried about him. The new Mahalo Answers community rallied around him when I posted a question on wether or not I should take him to the vet or to wait it out for a bit to see how he does.

Once we took him in they ran some tests, and we got the results yesterday afternoon. He had lymphoma, and had it bad. We opted not to treat it, and only keep him comfortable until such times as we felt that his quality of life was not good enough to keep it going. We had no idea that would be the very next day.

This morning Watson, despite the pain medication he was on, looked bad. He had a hard time eating, walking, even sleeping. So we made one of the hardest decisions in our lives, to put him to rest. We just couldn't see him in that much pain any more, and without the medication he would have starved because it hurt too much to eat... we just didn't feel right keeping him alive just so he could be with us one more day, even if that one more day was painful for him, we much rather him go peacefully and as in little pain as possible.

We called his vet, despite it being a practice Watson only sees one vet because he's so good with him and Watson likes him. We got put in a special room, where he could lie with his head on my lap on a couch and we said our final goodbyes.

We love you Waton, you will be forever missed and in our hearts forever.