Poor Aidan's Appendix

On Saturday at 7:45PM Aidan buckled over in pain which we dismissed as bad gas pains and just watched him carefully through the night. On Sunday we took him into emerg where he didn't react to any physical exam and blood, urine and xrays all showed up negative so we were sent home and told its a stomach bug and will develop into vomiting and fever soon. On monday that didn't happen, instead the pains which came in waves started to separate and during the calm periods Aidan appeared 100% fine and then sever pain for a few minutes. We took Aidan back to emerge to be dismissed by nurses saying he was fine because he looked fine most of the time. When we finally got to see a doctor she thought it could be intussusception and booked us an Ultrasound the next day.

On Tuesday Shannon took him to ultrasound and the results were very surprising, while checking for intussusception the radiologist noticed that while scanning that Aidan was uncomfortable when they went by one area of his stomach, so they took a look at his appendix and sure enough it was inflamed. Also to boot he did have intussusception! So off to McMaster Children's Hospital. At this point we had a highly skeptical intern, very friendly nurses and a great doctor! After a second ultrasound it was determined that the intussesceptoin reversed itself but we had to operate to remove the appendix though he wasn't sure if it needed to come out -- blood and urine tests still came back negative, but performed the surgery anyways based on a gut feeling that it needed to come out.

After the operation, 3AM, the doctor came up to me and said we caught it just in time, that it was indeed ready to burst but had not. Moral of the story, trust your gut and keep pushing if something doesn't seem right.

Anyways, he is resting comfortably at McMaster right now, he may come home late today or early tomorrow morning.