As a blogger I hate SEO, they ruin the web. When I search for something I don't want some stupid sales link at the top of my serp (search engine results page) I want what I searched for! Its becoming more and more common that my search results are getting cluttered with utter crap. Google, Yahoo! or anyone for that matter needs to do something about this.

One thing that will help is that more blogs and social bookmarking sites need to implement nofollow which will hurt these guys! Since its blogs and social bookmarking/news sites that these guys target.

If you want to see how slimy these guys are, watch a "promo" vid for SEO.

The guy that did the above video -- Gary Ruplinger -- Is taken to task by Anti-SEO Jason Calacanis (Formerly of AOL and founder of Weblogs Inc.)

Way to go Gary... go ahead and piss in the town well (i.e. digg, netscape, google's index, etc). I mean, finding a bathroom to relieve yourself would take too much work. Forget about the fact that the rest of us drink from that well.... you go ahead and piss in it.