GoDaddy And K.Rose

kevinrose-godaddySo I was talking to Kevin Rose (of digg, techtv, twit fame) last night, just seeing what each other have been up to for the past little bit... which was nice, being an internet bigwig has not changed him a bit. But then something haappened today, I saw the new GoDaddy commercial and who did I see in it? Mr. Rose! You'd think he'd mention that to me? So I decided to hit the net and do a quick search and it just turns out that I need to read my RSS feeds more often :( Anyways congrats Kevin and Alex!

So when will we see an digg ad on the superbowl?

BTW: My wife's comments as I rewind and pause on Kevin's image during the ad. "How did you see him among all the girls?" Erm, my only defense was he was the odd person out in the group, so how could you miss him!