Letter to Anitha

I have missed blogging about a few letters back and forth to my World Vision sponsored child, Anitha, but I have decided to start again, so here is a letter that I am sending her today. It is on the back of a postcard of Bronte Harbour.

Dear Anitha,

Today is July 7th, so Happy Birthday!! I really hope that you had a good day and that the small gifts that I sent made it to you.

July 1st was Canada Day, so Ray, Aidan and I went down to the lake to celebrate. They had lots of food, music and an outdoor market. I bought this postcard of Bronte Harbour. We love to sit and watch the sailboats.

Aidan is doing very well, he has learned to crawl and now has 3 teeth! Ray is busy with work as usual. We will be going up north to see his family in a few weeks. I am very excited about that. Tanner and Watson (the dogs) are also well. I think they wish they could go for more walks but it so hard to take them and Aidan out at the same time. They love to play with Aidan though so it is ok, especially since Aidan can move around so fast now!

I am running out of space so I better go!

Love, Shannon