In A Soldier's Footsteps

Yesterday afternoon Shannon and myself went to see "In A Soldier's Footsteps" which was part of HotDocs - An International Documentary Film Festival. The film is hard to describe because it stated out being about what it was like to be a child soldier in Uganda and turned into something much more.

Here is a short blurb:

Steven Ndugga was 13 when he was conscripted into a paramilitary group in his native Uganda. Now 30, he is living as a political refugee in Denmark. Director Mette Zeruneith is preparing a documentary on Steven's past when a bizarre turn of events abruptly launches the film in a new direction. Steven receives word that his 10-year-old son, long presumed dead, is alive and serving as a boy soldier in the Ugandan army. Determined to liberate his son, Steven returns to his homeland only to be abducted by the military. But is he a terrorist, as the Ugandan state claims, or a victim caught up in a web of corruption?

HotDocs is actually now over, so you might want to check your local listings to see when you might be able to catch this. It might start to be shown on the Documentary Channel soon as they were a big sponsor of HotDocs.