Adam Curry Appears To Have Been Caught...

An interesting article on the Wikipedia podcasting article and Adam Curry's editing of said article.

Former MTV veejay and podcasting entrepreneur Adam Curry appears to have been caught anonymously editing the podcasting entry on Wikipedia to remove credit from other people and inflate his role in its creation.

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Adam's response was:

So, no editing war intended, pilot error. I apologize for any confusion.

Maybe we should get five or six key figures on a skype call and podcast a conversation about the 'definitive history of podcasting'. We could make a mini-series out of it :)

I'm there Adam, you know my email address and Skype info :)

Update: Adam tells his side of the story on the latest DSC. Just to clarify I wrote pyPodder which is the python script Adam talks about, and Dave Slusher wrote get_enclosures. Pre-dating podcasting but did a similar thing, I wrote Nucleus which was used for getting Bittorrent enclosures via RSS(something of which iPodderX does as well)

iPodderX was originally developed by August based on pyPodder. iPodderX had the first graphical interface for a podcasting client -- since then August and I have been working hard on new versions of iPodderX! Sean joined later to bring the Windows version to life.

An interview we did for Podcaast Solutions regarding our part in the history can be found here.

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