Catch Phrase About Entitlement

Alison over at Blue Frog's Blog, posted about the speeches last night given by the party leaders. Its worth the read what she has to say, and she noticed something that I missed; the catch phrase about entitlement that all the non-libreral candidates are using.

She commented on the fact that the Green Party did not have a speech, which is correct as far as I know... but they did issue this press release to help launch their campaign. Jim seems to think that we care about the timing of the election, we don't -- or at least Alison and I don't. Here is a couple of quick quotes from the press release:

The Green Party of Canada regrets that Canadians are being forced into a needless Christmas election for purely partisan reasons, said leader Jim Harris today.


Less than two years since the last federal election, the Green Party believes parliament’s three opposition parties have chosen political expediency over a real plan for Kyoto, a meaningful plan to address child poverty, health care reforms, and proposals for democratic renewal.


“While we’re flattered by the attention, we won’t be slinging it,” said Harris. “We will draw distinctions between our vision and those of the old-line parties. Canadians have a right to know how parties differ, they have a right to know how parties perform in office. What they don’t need is mud-slinging.”