TAL: Swing Set

This American Life did a show last week that I just heard today. If you haven't voted yet and you have time, then you might want to give this a quick listen(RealPlayer), especially if your sitting on the fence on who to vote for.

Here is a quick description of the show:

A journey through the minds of undecided voters. They care about the same things as we do – the war in Iraq, health care, jobs – but they’re different from you and me. They just can’t make up their minds. So we decided to find out why. For months – through the Swift Boat ads, the convention speeches, the debates – we tracked a few of these voters, recording their conflicted path to the polls. One guy finally settles on President Bush, only to change his mind minutes later. A military family is split down the middle, except for one undecided son, who isn’t even sure what the president does.