Stewart Makes *HUGE* Waves

Listening to CFRB 1010 right now, and they have been talking pretty well non stop about Jon Stewart's appearance on Crossfire. Shannon and I watched the clip yesterday, and really what did the hosts expect? being journalists they probably should have read the book or listened to it... He talks about this issue great passion, and I'm glad he took his message beyond the book and brought it to the world.

I've pretty well stopped watching major network news because of the crap that they now show... news should be news, not entertainment. Stewart knows the difference, I know the difference, but they don't appear to. I get my news from blogs now, they tend to do better fact checking and research into the subject matter.

What I would like to see is CNN, FOX, or MSNBC give Jon his own show, where it is less comedy based and where he can really ask the questions, and do real journalism... Take Mcenroe off the damn air -- Unless he is doing color commentary on the US Open -- and give it to Stewart with no restrictions!

Update: Google lists the keywords "Jon Stewart CNN Crossfire" with having 13,200 hits.