Back to Basics

The other day Ray and I were driving in the car and we were talking about different cultures. I am really not even sure how we got into the discussion but I came to a very interesting realization.

There are certain cultures that are stereotyped. For instance people tend speak about how italians are lound, talk with their hands, have large extended families and enjoy food.

My question is, are italians the only people who sit around a large dinner table and talk loud?

The way I see it is, no they are not the only fact I think that North Americans are the only ones that don't.

I always thought that the French spoke with their hands a lot, and you only need to watch 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' to realize that the Greeks are also food and family loving people. Have you been to an indian wedding recently? Or sat in an authentic Chinese restaurant?

You will notice that something in the typical North American culture seems to be lacking....