When MTV Played Music Videos

I'm still surprised at the number of people that think MTV plays music videos. I've watched MTV (here in Canada via DirectTV) since about 1995 and even then I couldn't remember MTV showing videos... it wasn't until M2 came along that I saw an MTV owned station actually play one. Sure TRL (Total Request Live) plays videos, but they don't show them unedited and all the way through.

Now I'm not saying MTV is a terrible station, far from... they introduced me to Daria, Road Rules and don't forget the MTV Movie Awards which have great categories like 'Best Action Sequence' and 'Best Kiss' categories we the people can relate to, because thats what they talk about when they watch movies.

Ok, now I'm widely off topic so let me try to reel in my thoughts; in Canada we had [have] MuchMusic that was born right here in Toronto. They play videos, but we Canadians only really wanted MTV which didn't. Go figure.

So why do musicians make videos if the major station - MTV - doesn't play them?