On The iSpider Team [Updated]

I'm stopping development on pyPodder (with the exception of bug fixes if required) to work on the iSpider engine. I have worked in sharing code with the iSpider team since they started, but with a team they have quickly over taken a lot of the functionality that is in pyPodder and are near accomplishing the same goals as pyPodder. I just hope that I can make a worthy contribution to the team.

On a similar note, iPodderX is a new app that is based off of pyPodder 1.3.1. It brights some really nifty features such as a nice GUI, accepts non-audio files, and auto updates. August has also expressed interest in joining the iSpider team which would bring his GUI over to the same single product.

Lastly I should say that the main product name is now iPodder, iSpider is the engine behind it that does all the behind the scenes work for iPodder... so I guess I should say that August will bring a Mac OSX GUI to iPodder, using the iSpider engine.

Update: As of last week I moved over to work on iPoddeX for two reasons to work again on the code I started with pyPodder, and to work with August you brights a lot of really cool things to the table. Check out version 2.0, its really nice!