pyPodder Makes Waves

Ok, maybe not waves or even ripples but I've had a couple of plugs for pyPodder from both Adam Curry and Dave Slusher on their audio blog posts for Sept 9th.

For the most part I got decent reviews and some things to work on. I like this level of criticism, its not mean spirited, its just helping each other do better work for the iPod platform.

Also I've noticed that my Applescript that is in pyPodder has now made its way into get_enclosures version 0.3 which I think is great! I can see most of the *Podder like scripts adopting this method to update the playlist with out effecting the users work flow, its a short piece of code but it was the hardest for me to get just right.

I'm working on 1.2.0 of pyPodder right now that will ease bandwidth issues with my script that Dave pointed out. I hope to have it done for mondays shows.