Charlie Needs Your Help

We were checking out the 'American Brittany Rescue' (ABR) website and found that the foster mom for Watson is fostering Charlie right now. Here is his story:

Hi, my name is Charlie and just look at how cute I am! I've been at my foster home for 3 weeks now and I'm feeling better everyday. My foster Mom calls me Mr. Mischief because I want to smell everything, touch everything, and lick everything. I'm potty trained, but my foster Mom still watches me closely so I don't have an "accident." I'm not crazy about toys or bones, but will do just about anything for a treat. I know how to sit and shake, I can even shake with both paws! If you talk to me I will perk up my ears and listen really closely, but please don't yell at me because I'll get really scared. Also, please don't raise your hands at me because I will get really, really scared. The thing that I want the most is a forever home. If you could just give me lots of time, love, hugs, and encouragement I just know that I could be a wonderful, lively addition to your home.

But then his foster mom, Cristy, found a problem... Charlie has a Spastic Entropion in his lower eyelids and is going to need surgery. The problem really comes in where there is nothing left in the emergency fund to help Charlie out :( So this is where you come in:

Please give a small donation to the Brittany Buddy program and help Charlie out, it would mean the world to Charlie, and the ABR. Oh and its tax deductible.

Note: Purchasing the mug is not tax deductible as its not an official donation to the ABR.