We were checking out the 'American Brittany Rescue' (ABR) website and found that the foster mom for Watson is fostering Charlie right now. Here is his story:

Hi, my name is Charlie and just look at how cute I am! I've been at my foster home for 3 weeks now and I'm feeling better everyday. My foster Mom calls me Mr. Mischief because I want to smell everything, touch everything, and lick everything. I'm potty trained, but my foster Mom still watches me closely so I don't have an "accident." I'm not crazy about toys or bones, but will do just about anything for a treat. I know how to sit and shake, I can even shake with both paws! If you talk to me I will perk up my ears and listen really closely, but please don't yell at me because I'll get really scared. Also, please don't raise your hands at me because I will get really, really scared. The thing that I want the most is a forever home. If you could just give me lots of time, love, hugs, and encouragement I just know that I could be a wonderful, lively addition to your home.

But then his foster mom, Cristy, found a problem... Charlie has a Spastic Entropion in his lower eyelids and is going to need surgery. The problem really comes in where there is nothing left in the emergency fund to help Charlie out :( So this is where you come in:

Please give a small donation to the Brittany Buddy program and help Charlie out, it would mean the world to Charlie, and the ABR. Oh and its tax deductible.

Note: Purchasing the mug is not tax deductible as its not an official donation to the ABR.