Proud Moment for Mama and Papa

So yesterday Ray and I took the dogs out to Belwood for a 'Brittany Spaniel Club of Ontario' Fun Day. We had a really great time. There were probably 50 brittanys there in total so it was a good turn out. There were field trial, grooming and obedience demos, followed by a delicious pot luck barbeque.

The day began with the field trial demo. Mike Wilshire, a very respected field trainer, asked if anyone was interested in giving their dog a try. A few people put up their hand but I was afraid because I wasn't comfortable letting the dogs off the leash.

Anyway we treked out into a large corn field where Mike hid a pigeon. He took the first dog out, who was a young puppy. He kept it on the leash and sort of led the dog over to where the bird was, once the dog caught scent of the bird he stood very still, pointing with his nose in the general direction. He did a decent job but he needed some help finding the bird. This was the case for the majority of the dogs.

At one point the pigeon flew out of the field and flew straight towards where we and the dogs were all standing and watching. Watson caught site of the bird and was totally interested in it. He bacame very intense and all he could think about was this bird.

He patiently stood there waiting...

Mike noticed how ready to go Watson was and asked if we wanted to give it a shot, even though we had not originally volunteered. We decided to give it a try.

Mike went out and hid the bird in the field again and came back for Waston. Watson was placed on a long lead and they headed out into the field. Watson needed no direction. He weaved his way in and out of the corn like he was an old pro. Once he found the bird, he went completely rigid. Nothing could distract him! Mike was doing everything that he could to get Watson to move and he wouldn't budge!

Mike was very impressed.

Afterwards we spent a great deal of time talking with Mike and he thinks he might know Watson's breeding line. He looks like, and has the disposition of a very good field dog named Ajax. He also has some somewhat unusual white markings on his ears which are common of breedings from Kentucky White lightning. Therefore he thinks he might be from the Ajax-Kentucky White lightning line. Either way Mike believes that he was very very well trained as a field dog!