The Kyoto Issue

As the polls come in all saying that we are in for a Conservative government -- either minority or majority -- I have to wonder if the canadian people are ok with backing out of the Kyoto accord

"A Conservative government would scrap adoption of the Kyoto treaty on climate change, Leader Stephen Harper said Wednesday." -- Says a CNEWS article
If you want stronger pollution laws than Kyoto supplies, you allowed to do more than Kyoto while still supporting it. Canada can still work on meeting the objectives in the Kyoto accord while waiting for Russia to sign up, of which they are sure to do -- unless countries like Canada start dismissing it before it even starts.

Foreign policy is a big issue for me, and by slapping the faces of the EU and other countries doesn't seem wise to me. As for the states rejecting the accord, I think that may change.

“Kerry's been a consistent environmentalist. He strongly opposed Bush's efforts to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling and backed the Kyoto Protocols [which] wants 20% of America's electricity to come from renewable sources and sponsored a bill with John McCain to improve auto efficiency. He wants to give the EPA strong enforcement powers.” -- Time Magazine