Canadian Election Debate Drinking Game

To make watching the Canadian debate a little bit more enjoyable, I've come up with a quick drinking game to play while watching it.

Drink a shot"(or more) when any of the following happens:

Harper Rules

  • Says 'Accountable'
  • Smiles
  • Looks at the camera instead of some other mysterious person
  • Drinks water

Layton Rules

  • Makes a 'joke'
  • Take a shot for each finger he pulls back (counting off)
  • Disagrees with Martin on social policy

Martin Rules

  • Rolls his eyes
  • Strikes a pose that looks like a gopher
  • Tries to get Layton to agree with him
  • Goes into a rage - drink a shot for each minute it lasts
  • Brings up abortion issue

Duceppe Rules

  • Starts talking about things not releated to the question
  • Takes over Layton's turn to speak
  • Speakes french for no apparent reason

Misc Rules.

  • If anyone during the debate mentions the Green Party you must drink 2 shots
  • If someone from the panel asks a question and no one actually even tries to answers it
  • If everyone is talking (all 4) over each other, take a shot for each minute it lasts
  • Everytime the Premier of Ontario - Dalton McGuinty - is mentioned

You can play with any politician rules or all of the rules. Have fun and drink responsibly -- don't drink and vote!