Crazy Pot Smoking Nudists??

So I was on a conference call yesterday with a bunch of guys from the states. One of the guys had come up to the Toronto area for a meeting on Monday and had to drive from Toronto's Pearson aiport to Waterloo. He mentioned on the call that he could tell that he was in a different country because on the side of the highway was a big official-looking sign that announced the presence of a nudist resort at the next exit.

He went on to tell us that when he got to his hotel room (apparently not at the nudist resort..although we had to bug him about that for a while) he turned on the television, only to find a late night show that had a sock puppet with a cigar in his mouth as the host.

"Ah Yes...Ed the Sock", I announced.

I heard dead silence on the end of the line.

"That's a kids show right??", I finally heard a confused voice say.

Nope not quite.

My collegue assumed out loud that it must have been created by some pot smoking producer or something. I replied by saying that he probably wasn't that far off on his assumption now that Ontario has decriminlized pot...

That's us, crazy, nude, pot smoking Canadians who watch sock puppets for entertainment.

What else would we do with socks if we were nudists???