Translated Ynet Article

Yotam Yogev finished off the english translation of the Ynet article on Nucleus. Nir Bilgoray and his sister Keren also did a translation for me.

Nucleus - P2P For The Spoiled
The software written by Ray Slakinski, a 27-year-old programmer, scans & searches TV shows on the BitTorrent network, verifies that they are complete & virus-free, and downloads them to the PC. America.
By Dudi Goldman
The new nightmare of  TV networks' managers in the US is called Nuclues, and the man responsible for these companies' managers insomnia is named Ray Slakinski, a young 27-year-old Canadian, a junior worker in a Canadian software company, that developed the software. The software scans and looks for TV shows in BitTorrent network, which is a P2P reserve What is her advantage? She (the software) will find for you the requested show automatically.
Today, millions of people are downloading TV shows before they even air. For example, the TV show "Six Feet Under" was downloaded by many Israelis before the show was aired on channel 2 (The mainstream TV channel in Israel). Apparently, this is  not a serious matter, but finding a TV show on the Internet is not an easy business. Often when you find the show on one of the P2P networks, it finds out that the file is damaged or infected with a virus.
Furthermore, networks like BitTorrent does not have an index, so finding a TV show for pirate downloading becomes a difficult task, that requires a combined search in Google. That's exactly way Ray Slakinski developed his software, that knows how to search for the requested TV show on the net.
Is It Legal?

His software will find every TV show, even if you don't know its name, but only the name of the actor or the subject of the show. Nucleus scans the dynamic reserve, makes sure that there are no viruses or defects, and then downloads it to the PC in the most comfortable time.
Is it legal? The answer is complex. The software itself is legal, and so is its action, search in P2P networks. Although P2P networks aren't exactly legal, usually there's nothing to do against them, because most of the networks do not keep the actual files on their servers, but only referrals to them.
And still, although every one of these links are legally Kosher, downloading TV shows from the net is not legal, and in the TV industry this phenomenon is called "Napsterization", that comes from Napster - the software that faded away after the court ruled that she was violations copyrights.

I need to clarify some misconceptions here. #1 I'm not a junior person at a company, I've been in the software industry for years.

2 Nucleus just reads RSS files and downloads data via Bittorrent. Nucleus is not illegal but it could potentially do illegal things, make sure you heed the laws of your country when you use it. is a great site that has an RSS feed that works with Nucleus -- Its the default setting in Nucleus. There are other legal torrent sites that have (or will have soon) compatible RSS feeds -- beg tracker websites to support RSS!

3 Nucleus isn't Psychic... you need to give it keywords based (currently) on the filename of the torrent you are looking for. It does not do searches on any other piece of metadata -- at least not yet :)