Nucleus 1.0.7b Released!

I'm happy to announce Nucleus 1.0.7b!

Nucleus is a RSS aggregator that focuses on Bittorrent files embedded in them. Nucleus will download a specified RSS file, and look for .torrent files that match any of the specified keywords. If a match is found it will queue up that file for download.

Nucleus ships with both a Windows compatible executable and a python script for all other operating systems. Please read the README.TXT file on how to configure and use Nucleus, if you have any issues/questions that are not addressed in said text file then please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected].

Also an article was written by Ido Kenan for Maariv Internet. English translation found here. The Ynet article was also translated to english and can be found here.

See who else is talking about Nucleus via Technorati

Forums for Nucleus are now open(Including support), please use those instead of the comments section below. Have fun in the new forums, I hope that a good strong community will build up around Nucleus making it better.

Update: The now includes the 1.0.7 python source code so you can run it on other OS's other than Windows.

Download: Nucleus 1.0.7b (Freecache is causing issues, this link works)

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