Filtered Wine

A couple of weekends ago Shannon and I went to the Taboo Resort for the night just to get away. On the way up we decided to pick up a bottle of wine and picked up a cheap 2 dollar cork screw.

The cork screw chewed up the cork but didn't release it from the bottle, what were we to do?

We pushed the cork into the bottle, but doing this released small fragments of cork all through the wine making it undrinkable.


Shannon came up with this one. Take the tea bags from the room, dump the tea out of them and use the bag as a filter -- Coffee has too strong of a smell and would have effected the taste of the wine -- pour the cork ridden wine into glasses through the home made filter.

The wine was saved, and only a small amount was lost in the process. The wine was good too, so I'm glad that we were able to drink it. it was a VQA Riesling but I'm unsure of the of the winery.