MT3 Licencing

Mena asks the general MT user community how we use MT, and how and if the new Movable Type 3.0 licensing scheme will work for them.

The Slakinski Log is written by my wife and I, which by the 'free' version licensing for 3.0 is not allowed (2 authors) This blog is hosted on which is a server hosted by my friend Jason using the domain I purchased... it hosts blogs of our friends and not much more.

We [SDF1.NET] need a license that will work for us, that wont break the bank and ultimately allows our small group of friends to continue to use MT in the future.

Until such licensing exists we will remain using the 2.x version of MT which is fine, but those new features would be nice to have.

The Slakinski Log are indeed donators to SixApart for MT2.