The Great Escape

It was a lovely spring evening and Shannon, the 2 dogs (Tanner and Watson) and I were returning from a nice leisurely walk around the neighborhood when something went terribly wrong...

As we were letting the two dogs into the house we unclipped their leashes as they tend to run full tilt to their water bowls for a quick drink to refresh themselves, this time Watson decided to do a quick 45 degree turn and make a run for it, to my dismay Tanner quickly followed.

As any good pet owner, I ran after them as quickly as I could calling out their names and begging them to come, but they would have none of that -- they were having fun!

I rounded the first block to see them already rounding the second corner, I chased but when I got to said corner they were already out of site -- my next dog is going to be a slow lethargic dog, not two fast bolts of white lightning -- That is when I started to panic as I was now in the middle of a construction zone (the one behind our house) I ran around the area 3 times before giving into the fact that they were just not there and must have ran through into another area. So I ran back towards my house and who did I see? Tanner running full tilt toward me, soaking wet and covered head to toe in mud. I quickly got him into the house and into his crate so I can go back out to look for Watson who was still out and about.

Shannon was already gone with the car driving around the neighborhood by the time I found Tanner -- or should I say when Tanner found me? -- So I couldn't tell her that one was safe and sound back at home. As I ran towards the area that I saw Tanner coming from a woman asked if I was the owner of two small dogs, my answer was Yes, and that I found one of them. It turns out that her friend and herself were out for a walk and found them running by. They grabbed one, but the other (Tanner) got away.

Shannon and I arrived to find Watson being gently held by one of our dogs rescuers. But we quickly noticed not all was right with our pup, he was bleeding. We sped to the Vet who thankfully is open till 10 (It was after 9:30 by this point) to get him some help.

It turns out Watson got his paw sliced on something that cut a V into one of his front pads. With a cut of this nature, he could not get stitches. So we bandaged him up and he was prescribed lots of rest and to keep off that paw as much as possible over the next few days.

All is well once again, but it gave us quite a scare.