Jeff Buckley

Some would say I'm stuck in the '90s and they would be right... On a whim I picked up Jeff Buckley's Grace album (1994), it was only 12$ so why not? Why did I pick up this album is a question I'm sure my wife is due to ask, first the price was good, second I've been hearing a lot about Jeff since about 1995 but never heard not bought any of his stuff.

He died of a drowning accident 1997, but up till that point (and some time after as well) he was being touted as the next big thing... one of those true musical artists that would do great things, and inspire many.

Needless to say, I'm kicking myself for not buying this CD when I first heard about it, at least I have it now to enjoy over and over. Hallelujah! (reference intended)

On a related note Juliana Hatfield did a tribute song called 'Trying to not think about it' that can be found on the EP 'Please Do Not Disturb' Juliana was good friends with Jeff and like many in the Alt.Rock scene during that time was deeply saddened by his death.