Safari 1.2 is out

Safari 1.2 came out last yesterday, and I have to admit I am more than a little impressed! There are no new stunning features, no not a one I could find anyways... This release includes major bug fixes, mainly to the caching system and to the KJS engine.

The KJS engine, is what Safari uses to execute Javascript and its been sorely broken ever since Safari came out (and Konqueror) It had the inability to go to links generated by Javascript as seen in my test case as well as basic window resizing operations. But I am happy to say that has all been corrected now. Good job guys!!!

I'm deleting Mozilla from my system, now that all of these issues have been rectified and all my pages render and work properly now (even Orkut) there is no reason to waste my iBook's small hard drive on two browsers.

Here is a full list of the improvements that can be found in this release, quite impressive.