Get your Goombah

Goombah? WTF is Goombah you ask? Well Canadian native Matt Goyer has just released the first truly useful iTunes tool called "Goombah for iTunes" Here is a quick description from the Goombah website

Goombah: Find the music you want

There are people who like the same music you like - not just the same genre or style, but really the same songs. Goombah finds those people, without violating your security or theirs.

The odd thing is, as Matt very well knows, iTunes Music Store is not available in Canada, so why he bothered to create this tool is beyond me. And why I plug this tool is also just as strange, maybe its because we all expect iTMS Canada sooner rather than later... and when it does come out, Goombah for iTunes is just what we need.

On a related topic, Matt is thinking of working for Microsoft... I hope it will be the Mac Business Unit as the Macintosh community will sorely miss his contributions if he moves to the Windows world.