A little time away

It has been some time since I wrote in my blog. During that time I have been taking care of Tanner and moving to a new house. I am now just starting to settle in and Christmas is coming up so I thought that I would like to start writing in my blog again. I would like to try to make my blog a bit more of a photo journal. I love looking at photos and I love it when people put lots of pictures up on their blogs so I'm going to give it a shot. I guess I better start recharging the batteries for my digital camera! Anyway, here it goes. This is the first picture.


Tanner is now 19 weeks old. He is doing really well in his training. Right now he is in level 2 clicker training and is able to come, sit, down, stay and heel a little bit. At least he can do these things in the house and at puppy school, outside is a bit of a different story. Two days ago Tanner caught bronchitis and tonsilitis. I didn't know that dogs could get these but I suppose that they wouldn't be too much different than humans if they have tonsils and bronchial tubes......he started on antibiotics yesterday and already today he seems to be in better spirits.