Who would want to live in Ontario?


Who would want to live in Ontario, a place where you have have the single largest one day tax hike in Canada's history, a place where the government trades "protected" land for "protected" land in another location, where money promised to hospitals and schools who greatly need the money, where our overly high electricity bills will increase despite a being capped, a place where almost every election promise has been broken!

This is not some sort of doomsday prophecy, its todays reality! And I really can't believe that there isn't a call to force Dalton out of office before he can do any more damage!?! Take this blog post as the first to sound off my displeasure to everything he has done in just a month of being in office.

Am I mad? hell yes! who would want to come to Ontario under these conditions? who would want to bring business here? I don't know.

The people of Georgia have it right, if the elected government got in under any sort of falsities then he should be removed from office because it undermines the whole electoral process and democracy on a whole. We as Canadians can not stand idle while everything that caused us to vote for these back-peddlers is tossed away like it does not matter.

Well it matters, dammit!