iTMS Canada now [not] available on windows

Thats right folks, you can now window shop on iTMS in Canada on your MS Windows 2k/XP PC! Oooh wow, fun!

For a good review of iTunes for windows check here and here. My 2 cents is visualizations are slow, and unusable! Bringing up the window from a minimized state is also slow. :(

This is going to cause huge gripes from the windows crowd. On the plus size, everything else is mac like -- which is scary 'cuz I'm on my PC. Also the Sharing feature is GREAT!

Can we get a linux version please :) Ok I guess thats asking for too much. Just iTMS Canada please, oh and throw in an Apple store in the GTA.

Just as a side note, no Apple employee has emailed me regarding my previous rant as of this time; not that I expected one to, but hey one can hope can't they?

I think I'll stop talking about iTMS for now, every time I do I just seem to get more frustrated at the state of Canadian support considering our best Canadian export Sarah McLachlan helped launch iTMS for Windows yesterday.

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