HP Photosmart 812

Shannon and I got a HP Photosmart 812 (4MP) camera the other day. It was on sale at Best Buy on clearance, but Shannon and myself have been watching for this camera to come down in price since it came out a year or so ago!

My first impressions is that its nice to hold, not to heavy and is relatively quick to take pictures (lag time between the time you hit the "shutter" button to the time it actually takes the picture) although, slower than a typical camera. My only complaint is that it eats batteries... but don't all digital cameras do that? Pass me my fuel cell :)

Being a 4MP camera, file sizes are large so our 64MB SD card can do about 25 pictures at high resolution. SInce most of the time we don't need that, we have set our camera to med-high, which allows us to take about 50 pictures.

For a picture of a flower in a garden in Oakville, at the highest quality setting. For space reasons I scaled back the image(size wise) in iPhoto version click here to see the image.

With our new toy in hand, Shannon and I will be setting up a Photoblog in the near future to photo journal our adventures in life. I actually hope to make it a Slakinski Photoblog since my parents also have a digital camera.