"No, Mr. Torvalds, I expect you to die!"

ESR wrote an open letter to SCO on his blog called "Armed and Dangerous" Its a great read on some of SCO's claims, and the mobilization of the open source community. If your at all interested in the SCO vs Linux/Open Source case then this is a must read.

I have to say that this effects me greatly, not only as a user of open source software but I run OSX which is based on FreeBSD. FreeBSD is not under fire at this point, but it could be... The supposed offending code that was leaked during a SCO presentation at a SCO user group can also be found in FreeBSD. Although this code was released as open source many moons ago, if SCO is using it against Linux, they could go after the *BSD groups next, or even Apple -- wouldn't that be funny to see.