Canada knows what its doing with copyright

Canada knows what its doing with copyright... who would have thought I'd ever say that,well after reading this article (written by a very intelligent American ;p) That Canadian copywrite is updated to deal with file sharing as of 1998, and made it perfectly legal.

Here is an Excerpt from the article:

I happened upon this nifty little article about the ins and outs of copyright law in Canada. According to the article, as well as the website of the Copyright Board of Canada , music file sharing is completely legal for our good friends to the North. About five years ago, they deemed the situation of rampant illegal file sharing unenforceable, and decided to do two things: legalize file sharing for personal use, and attach a levy to recordable media (along the order of $0.60 per CD, in 1998 prices.)

The article goes further to explain the law surrounding this touchy issue, so if your interested I would go check it out.