What every geek was too scared to say


"These people should have their computers confiscated unless they can pass a minor proficiency test." -- John C. Dvorak

John writes for PC Magazine and wrote an interesting article regarding the latest attack on computer systems. He' says that every user should have a license... I think anyone that has done support would fully agree with the above statement.

Thing is, how hard is it to click on a couple of links to keep you from loosing hours of work, or all of your work for that matter? Thats how I think about it.

A few Mac websites have chimed in how the Mac OS is virus safe, its not! If I so choose I could write a virus that could spread over email in about a day. Mac users are no smarter about clicking on attachment then Windows users. So please, just consider yourself pretty lucky! [BTW, I would never write a virus, just saying that it would be easy to do if someone desired so]