Lottapianos Tour

I was going to write a long winded review of last nights Ben Folds [and Tori Amos's] concert, but someone named Vit Wagner beat me to the punch so I guess I'll just link to the article, by the Toronto Star, instead :)

I should note that I was very impressed with the crowde, who for the most part seemed to be very much into Ben Folds work, and many knew most of the words to the more popular songs. Im always a little scared going to a concert where the person you want to see is not the main act -- this show proved my worries wrong.

I was told via email from Ben [well more like sony music] that CD's of his new EP would be available at the show, they were not. Since you can only either A) ship the CD from the states, or B) buy the songs via Apple's iTunes Music Store (iTMS) which is onlyl available at the time of this writing in the states.

I should say that Tori Amos was great! and played for over 2 hours without pause. We left just as the first encore had started as our butts were getting sore from sitting for 3 1/2 hours.

We spent the drive home listening to "Ben Folds Live" CD that was released a few months ago :)

BTW: if you were looking for a review of Tori Amos's show, look here, which is a fairly good review by the Toronto Sun.