Just finished watching Kevin Rose's side project called "TheBroken" which is a 15-20min show (as of this writing it is just on its first episode) where Kevin and FuFu (Dan/Double-D) do a how-to show on hacking.

The first episode being on wireless networks, probably the easiest of topics to tackle. They also did a short segment on social engineering which was fairly entertaining, but not as good some of the stuff I heard while I was attending a hacker con in New York (Beyond Hope) but overall good fun, maybe Kevin can get some ideas from that site on what todo next.

Check out The Broken, its free for download and the tips were fairly accurate. How did I come across this? Well Kevin Rose is a member of the Screen Savers team, and made mention of this last night during the end of the show so I had to search it out and what it was all about.

End result, I'll probably tune in for episode 2 to see how the show matures. I wonder if TechTV will pick it up :)