Too many movies!

Friday night: At the drive-in, Shannon, Paul, Sonia, Sarah watched Tomb Raider 2, and Bad Boys 2. Both were decent movies. It was to be a tripple bill with the Italian job playing last, but by 2:30, and a heavy fog rolling in, we decided to go.

Saturday: Watched Monsters Inc at home

Sunday: Managed to avoid watching yet another movie, although talk of watching American Wedding did pass our thoughts more than once during the day.

Monday: (a civic holiday for us) Spirted Away, we watched this with Shannon's parents who were over for dinner.

Last week we watched Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp, which was so far the best movie that I have seen this summer.

I think I'm all movied out, I think I can hold off till the next matrix before watching another movie -- I wonder if I can actually hold off.