Piracy pt. 2

I was just asked this question:

Why did you decide not to use Kazaa?

Posted by Monkeyspit at August 1, 2003 09:46 A

I thought it was a good question, and it was too long to post back as a simple reply so here is my answer.

I use the GNUtella network from time to time, but know where to the extent that I used Napster. I think it was the interface and the fact that Napster was music only. I felt that there was more of a community with Napster, and with Kazaa it feels like ripping off the artist.

Some good artists fully supported Napster, I don't think there are any that support Kazaa.

Other reasons, is I don't feel the need for the RIAA to come breathing down my neck. I don't need any legal issues in my life right now.

Another reason is that not much new is out there, nothing worth buying or even stealing anyways. The music nowadays has slumped like it did in the late 80's, its all comercial over produced pop music.

The RIAA should spend less time fighting piracy and more time/money working on a new model for marketing and selling music. The labels should work at looking at new artists and bringing up a fresh sound -- they need to take risks.

Just my 2 cents.