I use to write down all my dreams as a kid (dream log) and 2 nights ago I had the oddest little dream that I should share with you all.

Aman had convinced me to travel up north for a meeting, it was a really good deal that I couldn't pass up. So Shannon and I drove up to the meeting place to find out what was going on.

Once we got there, we found out what the scheme was. A group of them were to commit fraud with the major banks. They wanted hackers to get into the bank system at the same time and start messing with accounts to cover the real crime being committed. I quickly said no, that I would not help, all the men in the room stood up and said that they hoped it would not come down to this....

After quite some time, and some smooth talking I avoided death (at least for now) and was allowed to leave. But fear struck and I knew they would be after me, so the rest of the dream was Shannon and I attempting to loose whomever might be following us.

Crazy huh? moral of the story/dream? Don't go up north with Aman, very bad things may happen :)