This site and IE -- not so good

This site doesn't look so hot in IE, its sad that so many people use it. However it looks great in Safari, but if your a PC user you might want to look to the line of browsers from Mozilla. If you have a hatred towards AOL, and vowed never to use an AOL product, fear not as AOL has no further involvment in Mozilla! (However for the next two years they will fund the new Mozilla Foundation two million dollars)

I currently recoment Firebird, its just a browser that is fast and slick!

Some of you reading this might say that I should make the page work in IE since that is what most people are using. Methinks that if more and more pages stopped rendering properly in IE (due to CSS) then Microsoft my finally make an update to IE and make it work better. This is how Netscape lost the browser wars the first time around, they stopped updating and IE started to support more and more "cool" features that webmasters liked, now its IE's turn.

Let the browser wars begin (again)