Commercial series part 1

My friend, Emu and I use to come up with silly commercials for various products. I thought it might be fun to post my collection of them over the next little while.

Here is one for a cooler they use to sell... Anyways, it could be adapted to any cooler/drink I think.

One thing I should note, here in Canada at least, you can not show anyone actually drinking in a comercial, so basicaly you get a lot of people holding drinks drinks and dancing, with a few pretty women thrown in to keep the male audences attention -- sad, I know.

Setting: Party or gathering

Situation: New person comes into the party - pretty girl? guy goes up to girl, "would you like one?" as he points to his Vibe. She nods her head yes and smiles. Camera pans over to empty case as the guy says "Uhhhh... sorry"