Poison Ivy

This past weekend a whole bunch of us (18 to be exact) made our way up to Algonquin park for 2 nights of camping. Although I am still debating whether a 4.5 hour drive up north is worth such a short time camping, I am very happy that I went because I really needed to get away. We stayed at Lake of Two Rivers, which is a beautiful lake. The campground itself was underneath a pine tree forest so it wasn't very secluded from other campers but definitely kept out a lot of the sun, which was nice. We went for one small hike on the Two Rivers trail and then we took the Lookout trail in order to find the Geocache. We ended up finding it in a crevice of a giant boulder. MacKenzie took home a poncho and we left Mark's 2003 graduation tassel from Western. I was pretty happy to be around in order to find this cache since I unfortunately missed the last couple.

Anyway, as I am sitting here today trying desperately not to scratch the insane number of mosquito and black fly bites that I have, I have thought about the number of times I am walking through a forest with a group of people and someone asks what Poison Ivy looks like. Although, for some strange reason no one asked that this weekend, I have decided to try to find out. I believe that we have all been told several times but people just can't seem to remember it when they need to.

I found this website. You should check it out because it has lots of pictures. Basically, Poison Ivy has 3 leaves and a slight red tinge. It can creep along the ground, grow bushes or climb up trees. It is mostly found along the edges of fields and roads, since in the deep forest there is not enough light. Apparently the best way to get rid of the Poison Ivy plant is to get a goat.....they get no ill effects from eating it.